Total Transformation Program


“Finally a guaranteed, simple way to stop your child’s defiant, out of control behavior –

Total Transformation Program
A step-by-step, multi-media program designed to help parents manage challenging behaviors in children and teenagers by America’s leading behavioral therapist, James Hehman.This program uses cognitive learning theory and behavior management techniques to help children and adolescents change their behavior. Parents learn to teach their children how to solve social problems rather than respond to these problems with defiance, blaming, anger, or abusive behavior.


The Total Transformation focuses on changing thinking rather than changing feelings to achieve better behavior-an approach that differs from traditional insight-oriented therapy. James Lehman addresses the full spectrum of behavior problems in children and teens: defiance, back talk, disrespect, acting out in school, homework struggles, refusal to get out of bed, or do chores, tantrums, cursing, substance abuse, lack of motivation, abusive behavior.This information is presented on DVD and CD with an interactive workbook in a user-friendly, practical format that is easy for parents to learn and apply.

The Lehman Method for ODD Therapist’s at-home program stops
child defiance, anger – fast!

See The Total Transformation Commentary Video on YouTube from a news channel.

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