Total Focus Program


Dr. Robert Myers comprehensive program for improving attention, concentration and self-control in children.

Total Focus teaches techniques Dr. Myers has used in his practice and in his own home to help manage attention and hyperactivity issues.

Total Focus ProgramThis program uses behavior modification, cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive rehabilitation techniques to help children adapt to the challenges of attention and hyperactivity problems both at home and in the classroom. Dr. Myers shows parents how to use reward systems and positive reinforcement to motivate children to success.

Parents receive a specific plan for addressing the most problematic issues: focusing on school work and homework, impulsivity, memory and social skills, behavior outbursts, following directions, performing tasks when asked the first time and self-motivation.

The Total Focus program comes with lessons for parents and for children to age ten to age ten and above. Dr. Myers designs each session to be fun and rewarding for all the family members involved.

Program for ADD/ADHD Kids
Easy 1-2-3 instructions for helping
ADD/ADHD kids. Guaranteed!

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