Gerry has been an amazing coach to my husband and I. We took her 8 week class offered at our church.
Our kids listen much better, their attention is much better, we feel better about our ability to parent.
Our communication as parents has improved significantly, hence the quality of our marriage has improved.

Our home is much more peaceful at night. We used to end our days emotionally exhausted, drained, and frustrated because our 4 small children would not go to bed. Then we would feel guilty for spanking them as discipline to stay in bed (which wasn’t working). Our home is much more peaceful at night now. We are able to say prayers together as a family and get everyone to bed happily, most nights.

Gerry has helped us to identify our priorities as parents – to teach our children to be problem solvers and to build their confidence. We want our children to understand that they can do anything and they are not quitters.

Gerry has also made us aware of how much we need to encourage and value honesty in our children – and how to affirm it in them. We have learned to be positive with our children and come along side them to teach them and affirm the good behavior. It is wonderful to see their faces light up when they cook with us, help with laundry, and complete chores. We have also been inspired to clean up our home, give toys and things at ‘home’ so the children can put things away easier and learn organization! Organization and routine leads to peace in our home!

We are very grateful to Gerry for her positive, take charge, you can do it attitude toward being a good parent and coach. Her class has been an answer to prayer. The Total Transformation Program developed by James Lehman not only works, but Gerry presents it in such a manner that you leave feeling good about what you can do and confident that you can make changes for the good in your family.
– Conway & Elizabeth Lopez

We were genuinely blessed with Gerry’s Garcia’s expertise and unique insight for she peppered the course with her years of experience and unique insight for children of all ages. Going through the program with a seasoned therapist empowered us with a new way of approaching unacceptable behavior, by observing what goes on before the behavior, what happens afterwards and the small changes that have occurred as triumphs. This program has helped us start to take the steps necessary to becoming the true parents we are called to be. Blessings and thanks.
– Kevin & Deanna DeBondt

We feel that parenting coach Gerry Garcia’s program is very good for families struggling with difficulties in parenting. Gerry’s program has helped us immensely. As long as you follow the advice and training that she has to offer and realize that this is not just a new training or kind of counseling, rather a change in your lifestyle that needs to be continued for the rest of your life in your parenting skills. What she has to offer in her program is extremely important to families everywhere, especially since our world has become so secular that others believe that if you live a life differently than they all feel that you should then they all try to contradict you in your parenting and your lifestyles.
– Mr. Jimmie A. Braden & Mrs. Angelica E. Braden

My experience with “Total transformation” has helped me to understand new techniques in motivating my children, ages 13, 8, 5 toward positive behavior and acceptance to healthy discipline. I feel so much peace and control of my life now that I’ve been practicing these techniques. I’ve witnessed my children becoming more open and fun to be around. Recently, my adolescent told me that she doesn’t understand what has happened or changed in our life but now she can tell me anything.
– Darlene Alrouhai – single mom

Gerry is a super nanny for sure, but not just any old super nanny – she is a super nanny for the lord. She counsels parents who are struggling with their parenthood (and what parent hasn’t) and helps them find the wisdom of god with which to raise their children. After all it has been said that there is no operations manual for raising children, but actually there is: the bible. And that is what gerry uses to help people. You go gerry. Keep it up. We need you!!!!
– Kerry Bulls

I would like to give thanks to Coach Gerry for being a blessing to our family. She was there when we needed her. During most days and nights, we met with Gerry during foster care visits. When my daughter was placed in our home, Rebecca was very bad with her mouth. She cussed alot. She wanted to talk to us like like she was an adult. She went through so much with her real family. When Coach Gerry started her coaching, a few days later we saw change. She was an “F” student. After two years, Rebecca is an “A” student and she is a good actor. We decided to adopt her with her siblings. She wants to become a lawyer when she grows up. Thank you Coach for your work in our lives.
– Veronica and Arthuro Gonzalez – Bakesfield, Ca

I have been a social worker for 7 years and I have witnessed, experienced, and utilized the Total Transformation Program techniques first hand, and with patience and consistency it’s the best way to change the most difficult behaved child in your home. It Really works!
– Douglas A. Phillips – Fresno,CA

Let me start off my saying Thank you Gerry and Thank you Total Transformation. Her program couldn’t have come at a better time for our family. I was due to have a new baby and in less than two months when I met her I was just about at my breaking point. I was pulling my hair out with my three year old daughter. Her tantrums were out of control and she refused to listen to direction. I felt as if I was raising my voice all the time. What I began to realize was that I was the only one who was listening to my yelling and it was giving me a bigger head ache. I wanted to get my daughter’s tantrums under control and I really needed her to start listening before the birth of our son. Thank you God for Gerry and her program. What they helped us with was amazing. My daughter was listening to direction and her tantrums were finally under control. It really made a huge impact on our whole family. We are a lot happier. Our daughter is now a big sister and we can enjoy the peace with our renewed family. Thank you
Sioba’n Enget – Visalia, CA

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