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Link to Gerry’s Four Coaching Services:
1.Parenting Seminar 2.Silver Coaching Package
3.Gold Coaching Package 4. Platinum Coaching Package

Get personal coaching from leading assertive parenting coach Gerry Garcia to help you feel confident in your parenting role!
Gerry’s coaching programs will help you do that!
1. Corrects ineffective parenting styles/approaches.
2. Establishes family rules and consequences.
3. Restores back the authority to the parents.
4. Reduce anger in relationships.
5. Empowers parents to learn new thinking skills that reduce defiant behaviors.

Call Gerry for a free 30 minute consultation to find out what program will work for you and your family the best.
A 30 minute consultation includes:
1. Identification and assessment of the most problematic behaviors of child/teen.
2. Measurement of the severity of the behavior.
3. Determination of which program will work based on age of child.

Choose from three coaching packages:

Silver – 7 sessions
Parents will begin to be transformed by learning how to think differently.
• Verbal command words are used so that the child/teen learns direct communication from the parent.
• The parent begins to see how to think to get a desired result. Arguments are stopped, back talk and abusive behavior is stopped.
• Accountability is taught and responsible behavior is instilled.
• During the seven sessions the approach toward parenting is altered to build respect and confidence in the parenting role.
• Parental authority is restored; harmony and peace is reestablished using a training approach.

Gold – 10 sessions
The ten sessions is for more troubled youth. The parents may feel that a longer coaching time is needed. I would recommend this for pre-adolescents or teens.
Typically, youth who are acting out or talking back to their parents or where emotional or physical abuse are involved will require longer periods of parental intervention. These sessions will be required where there is greater dysfunction in the parenting role.

Platinum – 12 sessions
These sessions are for the parents who have very defiant children or teens that need in depth coaching strategies and interventions. Many parents will need a minimal of 12 weeks to improve difficult behaviors.

Coach Gerry’s Parenting Seminar: 
The parenting seminar introduces the purpose of parenting. It explains how parents can begin to think through the use of problem solving and finding new solutions. The parenting seminars are for any age parent who are having problems with their children/teen. The seminars last between three to four hours. These seminars can be conducted in churches, schools, civic organizations, any program working with parents.

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